Iraqi Journal of Market Research and Consumer Protection <p><strong>Scientific refereed journal, accredited for the purposes of scientific promotions, issued by the market research and consumer protection center, university of Baghdad, Iraq with two numbers a year, publishes scientific research in the fields of social sciences directly related to the market and consumer and in the field of several including&nbsp;</strong><strong>public health,&nbsp;</strong><strong>marketing, Economics, Environment, Agriculture, Pure Sciences, and Information</strong></p> Market Research and Consumer Protection Center, University of Baghdad en-US Iraqi Journal of Market Research and Consumer Protection 2071-3894 DEVELOPING SOFT CHEESE INDUSTRY SUPPORTED WITH MEDICINAL HERBS AS FUNCTIONAL FOOD <p><strong>ABSTRACT</strong></p> <p><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Herbs and spices have long been used to support various food products, including dairy products because of their flavoring, taste, texture and general appearance as well as therapeutic properties such as antioxidant activities, infections, microbes, anti-diabetes and hypertension.</strong><strong> Therefore, this study aimed to demonstrate the effect of adding ginger, cinnamon, lycopene extract and olive oil on the physiochemical properties, the quality of the soft cheese produced and the extent of its acceptance by the Iraqi consumer, who prefers this product in abundance to other </strong><strong>types of cheese. So, this study was prepared with ten liters of fresh cow's milk used in the manufacture of soft cheese by the dairy factory/ Abu Ghraib/ Baghdad. Standard soft cheese was processed by filtering raw milk first, heating, cooling, adding rennet, incubating, cutting, drainage the whey, salting and supplementing with different addition. Five treatments of soft cheese were made by regular method and supplemented as follows: The control treatment is to make white soft cheese without adding anything other than the basic ingredients for making soft cheese. While adding 2.5% of each of the ginger, cinnamon, lycopene and olive oil for each of the second, third, fourth and fifth treatment, to the curd of milk and supplement its manufacture from squeezing and preserving it until the necessary analyzes were done. The results of the study showed a clear and significant variance (P&lt;0.05) of the percentage of fats, total solids, ash contents and calibrated acidity as the storage period of the soft cheese product increased to 21 days. The results of the statistical analysis also showed that ginger, cinnamon, lycopene and olive oil with certain concentrations had a positive effect (p&lt;0.05) on the physiochemical composition of cheese and on all sensory properties. It was founded that supported cheese with cinnamon had the highest concentration in phenol contents follow: cinnamon cheese&gt; lycopene cheese&gt; olive oil&gt; ginger cheese&gt; control cheese which was 643, 564, 497, 424 and 213 mg\ kg respectively. Also, It was found that lycopene cheese appeared highest scavenging activity for free radical produced&nbsp; from DPPH followed by Lycopene cheese, Olive oil cheese, Ginger cheese and Cinnamon cheese were 96, 94, 91 and 88% respectively. Consequently, the study concluded the importance of producing milk products fortified with medicinal plants and spices and their availability to many consumers who want to consume these fortified products to improve and preserve their health. </strong></p> Hamdia M. S. Al-Hamdani Sunduse H. Ahmed Salwa Khudadat ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 1 13 ELECTROCHEMICAL PREPARATION OF A MOLECULAR IMPRINTED POLYMER ELECTRODE FOR ESTEMATION OF ASPIRIN USING TWO DIFFERENT FUNCTIONAL MONOMERS. <p><strong>For aspirin estimated, a molecularly imprinted polymer MIP-ASP electrodes were generated by electro-polymerization process, the electrodes were prepared by combining the template (aspirin) with (vinyl acetate (VA), 1-vinylimidizole (VIZ) as a functional monomer and N, N-methylene bisacrylamide (MBAA) as crosslinkers using benzoyl peroxide (BPO) as an initiator. The efficiency of the membrane electrodes was analyzed by differential pulse voltammetry (DPV). Four electrodes were synthesized using two different plasticizers, di-butyl sebacate (DBS), di-octyl phthalate (DOP) in PVC matrix. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to describe the generated MIP, studying the electrodes properties, the slope, detection limit, and life time and linearity range. The effect of PH and interferes on the efficiency of the MIP electrode was investigated. The study has shown that the molecularly imprinted electrodes have high sensitivity and responsiveness to aspirin. The DPV value was linearly dependence on the aspirin concentration and a linear curve was obtained within the range of (1×10−1-5×10-4) M of aspirin with correlation coefficients are about (0.9974, 0.9966, 0.9938 and 0.9961) with slops value of (-21.41, -17.67, -17.47 and -18.67) and the detection limit for all electrodes ranging from (7.5×10-5-1×10-4) M. The molecularly imprinted electrode exhibited a good response with highly reproducible and no effect on interferes frequently available in pharmaceutical formulations. The approach employed is easy and fast. Also ASP membranes get a limited time of response, excellent mechanical stability, removable and are easy to construct.</strong></p> Aseel S. Mansoor Yehya K. Al-Bayati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 14 25 BANKING COMPLIANCE FUNCTION(COMPARATIVE STUDY BETWEEN COMMERCIAL & ISLAMIC BANKS) <p><strong>Never the less, banking compliance function became one of the most important functions in banking sector according to its characteristics that considered as an interior control tools to control (executive management, departments, subsidiaries…etc) in any bank; and their compliance towards applying rules, recommendations and legislations. In addition to, estimating the risks and limited them; and controlling the anti-money laundering. Thus, these functions that covered the main concept of (Banking Compliance) would avoid the bank to be under the control of any sanctions.</strong></p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> Nagham H. Neama Yousif K. Gatan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 26 31 THE ROLE OF SATELLITE CHANNELS IN FORMING TRAFFIC AWARENESS AND PREVENTING ACCIDENTS - A FIELD STUDY <p><strong>The importance of the research comes from dealing with the problem of lack of traffic awareness, which causes accidents and the occurrence of human and material losses, and the research aims to study the role of satellite channels in forming traffic awareness among the public, and a sample was chosen from Baghdad consisting of (280) individuals, male and female, and used the questionnaire tool. To obtain the data, which included several questions, the results were analyzed statistically and several results were reached, the most important of which is that there is an interest among the public in following traffic programs at a rate of one to two hours to receive information through traffic programs and to identify and apply general rules, and it was found that there is a statistically significant correlation between the extent of follow-up. The sample is for traffic programs and the extent to which satellite channels spread traffic awareness among individuals, and there is a significant correlation between the sample's intensity of watching traffic programs and the level of obtaining information about traffic awareness from television, and there are differences between the sample averages towards the role of satellite channels in spreading traffic awareness.</strong></p> Afnan M. Shaban ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 32 42 SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERIZATION, AND STUDY THE BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY OF SOME SCHIFF'S BASES, AND 1,3 - OXAZEPINE COMPOUNDS DERIVED FROM SULFAMETHOXAZOLE DRUG <p><strong>This study including synthesis of some new Schiff bases compounds [1</strong><strong>‐</strong><strong>6] from the reaction of Sulfamethoxazole drug with some aromatic aldehydes in classical Schiff base method then</strong><strong> treatment</strong><strong> Schiff</strong><strong>&nbsp; bases with succinic anhydride to get oxazepines rings [7-11]</strong><strong>These derivatives were characterized by melting point, FT</strong><strong>‐</strong><strong>IR, <sup>1</sup>H NMR and mass spectra. Some of synthesized compounds were evaluated in vitro for their antibacterial activities against</strong><strong> three kinds of pathogenic strains <em>Staphylococcus aureus</em>, </strong><strong><em>Escherichia coli</em></strong><strong> and <em>Pseudomonas aeruginosa</em> </strong><strong>by agar diffusion disk method</strong><strong>, and against the fungal species (<em>Candida</em>).</strong><strong> The results showed that some of these derivatives have good antibacterial activities compared to biological activity of parent drug.</strong></p> Enaam F. Mousa Ibtisam K. Jassim ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 43 54 EXTRACTION AND CHARACTERATION OF MUCILAGE EXTRACTED FROM MUSTARD SEEDS <p><strong>The mucilage was </strong><strong>isolated from </strong><strong>mustard</strong><strong> seeds and </strong><strong>identification by some</strong><strong> different methods like, thermo gravimetric, FTlR., X-ray powdered, proton NMR,</strong><strong> FTIR spectra of the three gums contain different functional group in the gums, major peaks&nbsp; bands noticed were belong to OH (3410.15 – 3010.88) group from hydroxyl group, CH aliphatic (2925-2343.51), C-O (1072.42-1060.85) group and C=O 1743.65, Thermo chemical parameters of mucilage was evaluated&nbsp; and compared with the standard gums, Results indicated the mucilage was decomposed in 392°C and mass loss 55%, The X ray process found the mucilage had single not sharp peak at 19.9265°in&nbsp; highest 53.35 cts, Also the standard gums indicted not sharp peaks at 20.94°, 19.04°in&nbsp; highest 47.78, 52.84 cts separately, mucilage examination using nuclear magnetic resonance revealed the presence of glucose, rhamnose, galacturonic acid compared with two standard gums contain similar was concluded The results that had that mucilage had good advantages, which might&nbsp; be used in various food industries showed that mustard gum is beneficial&nbsp; in food manufacturing. </strong></p> Bushra B. Jerad Rawdhah M. Ali Ali A. Sahi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 55 64 SPECTROPHTOTOMETRIC DETERMINATION OF PURE SULFAMETHOXAZOLE IN PHARMACEUTICAL PREPARATIONS BY OXIDATIVE COUPLING REACTION <p><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; A new, simple, rapid and sensitive spectrophotometric method for the determination of sulfamethoxazole in both pure form and pharmaceutical preparations has been reported.The adapted technique based on utilization 4-aminobenzene sulfonic acid as a new modern chromogenic through an oxidative coupling reaction with sulfamethoxazole&nbsp;and potassium iodate in basic media to form orange soluble dye product with absorption maxima at 490 nm. Subject to Beer's law in the range 2–32μg mL<sup>-1</sup>. The values of molarabsorption coefficient (ε) and correlation coefficient were found to be 9.118 × 10<sup>3</sup> and0.9999 respectively whereas the Sandels index was 0. 02778 µ<sup>-2</sup>. </strong></p> Noor M. Ghaib Allah Abdul M. K. Ahmed Nashwan O. Tapabashi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 65 76 A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE CONSUMERS ATTITUDE ON THE MEAT HYGIENE SLAUGHTERED IN AND OUTSIDETHE SLAUGHTER HOUSEES <p><strong>The study was conducted to assess the attitude and awareness of a sample of people regarding the indiscriminate slaughter and its effects on health and the environment compared with slaughtering&nbsp; in a slaughterhouse. The sample consisted of 120 persons from six equal professional groups contacted with the butchery labour (livestock keeper, truck driver, butcher, veterinarian, shopkeeper and consumer). The age ranged 22-76 years old, mean 52±10&nbsp; years, lived ≥ 5 years in the Baghdad city. The results showed that there is a preference for slaughtering inside the slaughterhouse due to the presence of veterinary examination, slaughtering and preparing meat in a healthy, easy-to-clean places, unlike the indiscriminate slaughter that took place on the sidewalks of streets or in front of butchers' shops or at the entrances of their homes in front of people and passers-by. The results also showed that there is a great spread of the indiscriminate slaughter phenomenon throughout Baghdad governorate, coinciding with the lack of health awareness, lack of attention by citizens, weak monitoring authorities, and a great waste of secondary waste resulting from indiscriminate slaughter, such as leather, wool and blood. </strong></p> Huda H. K. Aalabbody ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 77 84 STUDYINGTHE EFFECTOF FLOURAND LUPINE PROTEIN CONCENTRATE MCORPORATIONON PHYSICAL CHEMICALAND SENSORY PROPERTIESOF BISCUIT <p><strong>The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of lupine flour (L.f) and lupine protein concentrate (L.P.C) incorporation on chemical, nutritional and </strong><strong>sensual qualities </strong><strong>characteristics of biscuit (L.P.C) was prepared by isoelectric precipitation method. A standard recipe for biscuit preparation by wheat patent flour used as the control. Wheat flour in the control treatment was replaced with (L.f) and (L.P.C) at levels 10, 20 &amp; 30%. Chemical composition of (L.f), (L.P.C) and biscuit treatments were studied. Results showed that protein contents were 35.35 &amp; 75.80% for (L.F) and (L.P.C), respectively. While they amounted to 14.70, 16.16 &amp; 18.61% for (L.f) incorporated biscuits and 15.20, 18.09 &amp; 21.08% for (L.P.C) incorporated biscuits at the substitution levels studied, respectively&nbsp; compared 12.43% control. Results also indicated contents of total dietary fibers and tannins in (L.f),( L.P.C) and biscuits prepared. Sensory evaluation of biscuit treatments revealed that there was significant decrease at substitution level up to 30% of (L.f) except color score, while all scores of sensory properties were improved significantly at all substitution levels of (L.P.C). Spread ratio was affected adversely by incorporation of (L.f) and slightly when (L.P.C) used. Results showed a reduction in biscuit tenderness during storage. Reverse to the above statement with 30% incorporation of (L.f) while increased at (L.P.C) treatments. The study demonstrated that (L.f) and (L.P.C) can be incorporated into biscuits formulation by replacing up to 20, &amp; 30% of wheat flour control 12.43%, respectively to increase dietary fiber and protein contents.</strong></p> Bayan Y. AL-Abdulla Entisar D. AL-Nasery ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 85 94 SYNTHESIS OF NEW LEVOFLOXACIN SELECTIVE MEMBRANE SENSOR BASED ON MOLECULARLY IMPRINTED POLYMERS. <p><strong>Two molecular imprinted polymer (MIP) membranes for Levofloxacin (LEV) were prepared based on PVC matrix. The imprinted polymers were prepared by polymerization of styrene (STY) as monomer, N,N methylene di acrylamide as a cross linker ,benzoyl peroxide (BPO) as an initiator and levofloxacin as a template. Di methyl adepate (DMA) and acetophenone (AOPH) were used as plasticizers , the molecular imprinted membranes and the non molecular imprinted membranes were prepared. &nbsp;The slopes and detection limits of the liquid electrodes ranged from -21.96 – -19.38 mV/decade and 2×10<sup>-4</sup>M- 4×10<sup>-4</sup>M, and Its response time was around 1 minute, respectively. The liquid&nbsp; electrodes were packed with 0.1 M standard drug solution and its response were stable at pH ranges from 1.0 to 11.0 and with good selectivity for more than several type. The electrodes produced have been successfully applied in preparation of the pharmaceutical sample for the determination of the analyte without any time consuming pretreatment steps.</strong></p> Saja F. Abdullah Yehya K. Al-Bayati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 95 107 EDUCATIONAL SURVEY ABOUT AWARENESS OF TONSILLITIS IN BABYLON PROVINCE <p><strong>Tonsillitis is an infection or inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsillitis classified as acute, chronic (recurrent) and complication. Most often it is caused by a virus, but it may also be caused by the same bacteria that cause strep throat. According to numbers that data shows, the virus is more common, about 77.49% than bacterial which about 71.45% then fungal about 9.6%. The principal symptom of tonsillitis is a sore throat fever, swollen lymph nodes, nasal congestion, difficulty in swallowing and headache may also occur, according to if&nbsp; symptoms of tonsillitis are known or not, data show that they know about (119 of people) (79.3) this result is greater than unknown which was about 31 (20.7). </strong></p> Samah A. K. AL-jebory Ruqaya M. Ewadh ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 108 117 VISUAL CONTAMINATION WITH RANDOM ADVERTISEMENTS AND THE POSSIBILITY OF APPLYING FINES TO THEIR OWNERS <p><strong>Baghdad governorate has many areas of distinctive architectural and architectural character, which are heritage and valuable areas that we must preserve and take care of. </strong><strong>But we see many manifestations of it, which have a negative impact on buildings, areas and roads, so that they distort the view and thus lead to visual pollution in general. The research examined the visual pollution from random advertising, which stretched buildings, walls, electricity poles and sidewalks. The study covered different areas of al-Karkh and al-Rassafa (Jadreya Bridge, Nation Square, Jordan Square, alkindy Street)</strong><strong>Most of the distortions were the result of non-removable posters, Handwriting, election candidate advertisements or repeated advertisements. Then we could be reached to the advertis by the phone shown in the advertisement, the location of the advertiser or the advertiser's character and the imposition of financial fines for the purpose of removing the advertisement and not repeating it in the future.</strong></p> Nibras M. A. Alsaffar ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 118 130 PREPARATION OF POLYMERIC COMPOSITES FROM SATURATED POLYESTERS GLASS POWDER (FLOURSCENT) AND STUDY OF ITS MECHANICAL PROPERTIES <p><strong>In this study, polymeric composites were prepared from unsaturated polyester as a base material with glass powder (fluorescent) in different weight ratios (4, 6, 8, 10,and 11%) as a support material and after comparison before and after reinforcement of the prepared composites, an increase was found. In the values ​​of mechanical properties (hardness, compressive strength), the shock resistance values ​​decreased, but an increase in temperature leads to an increase in the values ​​of shock resistance, as well as the values ​​of compressive strength And it reduces the hardness value.</strong></p> Esraa S. Waad Ala Ebtehag Z. Sulyman ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 131 139 IRAQI CONSUMER OPINION OF THE QUALITY AND SAFETY OF LOCAL FOOD PRODUCTS <p><strong>The aim of this research was to indicate the opinion of the Iraqi consumer about the quality and safety of local food products, the questionnaire was included 19 questions for product quality, price, distribution and promotion as a tool to survey the opinions of 128 consumers in Baghdad, the data was analyzed by using percentage, weighted mean, and weight percent, the results obtained showed that the Iraqi consumer prefer local food products for their high quality and appropriate price, however they need attention to packaging, promotion and distribution.</strong></p> Mohammed A. Alsoufi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 140 147 RATE CONSTANT OF SOME AMINO DERIVATIVES DISSOCIATION <p><strong>Amino glycoside derivation including, Neomycin, Streptomycin, Kanamycin and Gentamycin with special reagents, which&nbsp; are&nbsp; benzoylchloride; benzene sulfonyl chloride and phthalic anhydride were made to enhance Uv-detectability for HPLC analysis. But there are many problems facing pre column derivation and in order to solve this, the conductivity of antibiotic derivatives were used to calculate the dissociation constant and the hydrolysis rate which determined concern type reaction. In addition the&nbsp; characteristics those controlling the hydrolysis of antibiotic-derivatives were investigated.</strong></p> Anud M. A. Efhema Ziadan J. Khalaf ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-06-30 2021-06-30 13 1 148 166