Publishing Terms

Publishing Terms

First: General requirements:

  1. Page Setup is set at a distance of 2.5 cm from all sides.
  2. Times New Roman font is used to write all parts of the article including tables, figure, pictures, references, etc…, no other type of font may be used.
  3. Article papers are numbered starting from the first to the last and the page number is placed in the middle of the bottom of the paper.
  4. Figure and tables are put in the article in a clear and similar format.
  5. Turnitin program will be use to detection plagiarism before submission of article to reviewers.
  6. Article will be accepted for publication after being arbitrated by 2 scientific reviewers.
  7. The article pages submitted for publication shall not exceed 15 pages, including references and appendixes.
  8. The application for publication of the article shall be submitted with the researcher's pledge to the journal.
  9. Publishing fee of the journal is 125000 Iraqi dinars for the local researcher and 150$ for the foreign researcher.


Second: Technical Requirements:

Article title (written in size 12, bold with capital letters).

Name of the first author and his scientific rank1, name of the second author and his scientific rank2, name of the third author and his scientific rank3… (written in size 10, bold, italic).

Author Address: (written in size 7, bold).

1Department, branch or research unit, college, institute or center, university or institution, city, state, official e-mail.

2Department, branch or research unit, college, institute or center, university or institution, city, state, official e-mail.

3Department, branch or research unit, college, institute or center, university or institution, city, state, official e-mail.

Note: In the article is a part of M.Sc. or Ph.D. thesis, please referred to it at the first page of article.

Abstract (written in size 12, bold with capital letters).

Key words (written in 9, bold), not less than 3 and not more than 5 words (written in size 9, normal).

Article text:

Scientific article

Administrative and economic article

Introduction (written in size 12, normal)

Introduction (written in size 12, normal)

Materials and methods of work (written in size 12, normal)

First topic: methodology of the article (problem, importance, objectives, article model, hypotheses, methodology, boundaries, location of the study and its design, means of data collection, management of study, validity and reliability of the tool and the statistical methods used), and relevant previous studies (written in 12 normal size)


Results and discussion (written in size 12, normal)

Second topic: theoretical equilibrium (written in size 12 normal)

Conclusions (written in size 12, normal)

Third topic: Analysis and discussion of the results (written in size 12 normal)



Fourth topic: conclusions and recommendations (written in size 12 normal)

References (written in size 12, normal)

  1. The journal Iraqi Journal of Market Research and Consumer Protection depend of the American Psychological Association (APA Referencing).

For examples of references writing (article, book, thesis, conference, internet or a guide) please visit this link:



For example:

In the text (12 Bold)

In the references list (12 Normal)

(Germann et al., 2015)

Germann et al. (2015) said…

Germann, F., Ebbes, P., & Grewal, R. (2015). The chief marketing officer matters, Journal of Marketing, 79(3), 1-22.

(Kestly, 2010) or Kestly (2010)

Kestly, T. (2010). Group Sandplay in Elementary Sschools. In A. A. Drewes &  C. E. Shaefer (Eds), School-based play therapy (2nd ed., pp. 257- 282). Hoboken, Nj: John Wileys & Sons.

  1. References are written exclusively in English in the text (Bold) and (Normal) in the list of references, and if there are any references in the Arabic or other language then it must be translated to English.
  2. References are arranged (in Roman numeral) according to the sequence of the alphabet.
  3. Names of journals in the list of references must be write completely and without use of abbreviations.
  4. Modernity of references should not be less than 50% of the total references that used in article. Modernity is measured within the last 10 years.